ENERTIA   HOMES No Fuel? No Power? .......No Problem


Imagine violent weather and no electricity. Or just outrageous cost or shortages of energy. Will your current home shelter and protect you and your family in that situation?

You may not want to think about it- but we do, and have been designing, and manufacturing self-sufficient homes for more than forty years.
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Whether your goals and values are environmental or survival- the end product is the same: A strong and physically substantive structure that will draw on the two “knowns” of life- the sun and the earth- to keep you safe and comfortable.

When you make the decision to go this route- you may want to do so fast. Consider Enertia®- the nations’ leader in pre-cut and numbered Self-Sufficient house kits.
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While you prepare your foundation we are pre-cutting and numbering your house package, out of high-quality Gluelam timber, in our east-coast factory. With a small crew, equipped with high-torque electric drills, you can assemble your kit in just a few weeks. Once dried in, even in a cold climate, you will have a structure that is already self-heating, and comfortable for you to finish the inside work at your own pace.

The days of houses-as-commodities, to be flipped, are over. These are homes to be lived in- and passed on to your children as a legacy. Think of how, and when, your house may be needed to provide your shelter, comfort, safety, and even your food and water.

Your house should take care of you... Not the other way around.

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